“I’ve been traveling my whole life. My parents had a burning passion for exploring which I have inherited. It's no surprise that I was destined to meet Miller on my vacation on Hawaii. Since then we’ve been sight-seeing together up until we’ve fell in love with Bali.”

Welcome to YourMindBodyAndGod.com, a sanctuary I've created where holistic healing and transformation are not just concepts, but a way of life. I am Marilyn, a passionate individual who has dedicated my life to the pursuit of balance, harmony, and the betterment of others.

My journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UC Davis, which laid the foundation for a deep understanding of the human mind and its intricate workings. This academic background, coupled with four years as a counseling intern under the guidance of Phil Simmons MFT, has equipped me with the skills to navigate the complexities of the human psyche and provide effective counseling services.

But my pursuit of holistic wellness didn't stop at the mind. Recognizing the interconnectedness of our physical health and mental well-being, I delved into the world of functional nutrition and wellness solutions. As a certified Level 4 Mastery Functional Nutritionist with Restorative Wellness Solutions, I have the expertise to guide individuals towards optimal physical health. My knowledge spans across gastrointestinal healing, hormone optimization, and blood chemistry, providing a comprehensive approach to physical wellness.

My passion for movement led me to become a Master Pilates Instructor and Instructor Trainer. With over 20 years of experience in dysfunctional movement and 67 certifications in the movement industry, I have guided over 350 individuals through Comprehensive Pilates Certification since 2018. This expertise in movement adds another dimension to my holistic approach to wellness.

Finally, recognizing the importance of spiritual well-being in holistic health, I have also pursued spiritual guidance. As a mentor and leadership member of Bhava Spiritual Mission and a certified ordained minister, I provide spiritual guidance to those seeking to connect with their higher self and find deeper meaning in life.

At YourMindBodyAndGod.com, I believe that the journey towards holistic health is a continuous one, requiring nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit. I am committed to guiding you on this journey, providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey.